What about the Wicked?

by Paper Trail

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released 16 August 2012



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Track Name: Out Like a Lamb
In like a Lion, Out like a lamb
Youve got no choice now, Just be a man
You would never step to me face to face
Put your tail between your legs and walk away
Take a look at your life it's just a waste
I will make damn sure you get erased
You'll be erased
In like a lion
Out like a lamb
You've got no choice now
Just be a man
Cowardly actions are far from a plan
Noone escapes it when shit hits the fan
Shit hits the fan
Stand on your own feet you know you cant
If I didnt catch you where would you land?
Where would you land?
In like a lion Out like a lamb
Track Name: Web of Lies
The reason that i doubt you
the love was never there
keep making excuses
you've got no cross to bear

Someone's got to tell you
ever though its hard to hear
i know you believe yourself
that doesn't make it real

That doesn't make it real

No remorse for the things i've done or what i've become
So many days but nothings changed
ive always been this numb

Burn every bridge, stand in the fire
born again in flame
shed this skin, make no amends
and walk away without knowing shame

And now you see
what it takes to be
completely free


You got caught up in your web of lies
now you've got to make this compromise

Web of lies
Track Name: What about the Wicked?
He wasn't alive, a lie it was
The pressure to strive and try he does
deep in the back of his mind, There lies what was
He wasn't alive, a lie it was
Only a human what's in it for him
Nothing to live for whats left to defend?
His wounds are mortal with noone to tend

He wasn't alive, a lie it was
The pressure to strive, and try he does
deep in the back of his mind, there lies what was
He wasn't alive, a lie it was
Track Name: DTP
I've been planning this night for more than a week
One in the barrel then I hit the feet
Kicked in the back door straight up the stairs
One look in the eye I could tell you were scared
down on your knees, Dont beg don't plead
Just pull out the cash and I'll take the lead
This aint my first time I've done this before
No problems no bodies will outline the floor
The devil's in my head, and he's coming for the rest of me
No inhibitions, can't fight the urge
Noone can stop me too late for words
Disturbing the peace
It's famine or feast
Fuck the police
Disturbing the peace